Feminized Marijuana Seeds


What are Feminised Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized Marijuana Seeds PictureIt is common nowadays for marijuana seeds to be feminized which means that they are bred without male chromosomes. This ensures every plant is female so it will grow the buds you are looking for. When you buy our seeds, you don't have to worry about sexing your plants or having male plants ruining your crops.

Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Whether growing for personal use or for sale, you need to know where to buy your seeds. You can't tell by looking at the seeds whether or not they are female so you'd best make sure you buy your seeds from a reputable source. If you buy seeds from us, rest assured, they are the highest quality feminized marijuana seeds you can buy, guaranteed.

Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds PictureFeminized marijuana seeds are grown in the same way that normal cannabis is grown. You germinate the seeds, properly water, provide optimal light, and add nutrients throughout its cycles and eventually harvest the plant for medicinal or recreational uses.
We recommend feminized marijuana seeds to every grower especially someone who is a beginner because it makes it easier to be successful the first time.

Our Pledge

Discrete packaging with guaranteed delivery!

Feminized Marijuana Seeds PictureWe have customers worldwide so we ship your package discretely, so customs will not be an issue. We respect your privacy, so your bank statement will not show any references to marijuana on it.

Authentic seeds with germination guarantee!

It is our goal to give you the best shopping experience possible so if you followed our instructions and had a problem with germinating your seeds we have two offers:
  1. If more than half of your order did not germinate, we will resend your order.
  2. If less than half of your order did not germinate, you can have us do a direct reship, or have the non-germinated seeds doubled on your next order.

Feminized Marijuana Seedling PictureFree Guaranteed Delivery!

We deliver only good quality seeds and the guarantee that ours are the best online. Currently, we guarantee shipping to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and all of Europe. Shipments to Australia require a $25 fee for guaranteed delivery due to customs restrictions.



Here is the complete list of 100% Guaranteed Feminized Marijuana Seed Strains. You can click on the tabs for detailed strain information.

If you have any questions about ordering feminized marijuana seeds or our guarantees, please visit our frequently asked questions page.


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  1. Labman

    It never crossed my mind that this could be done. Anyone that has ever chased their dream of growing your own knows that only the female plant produces the best bud(well actually any bud at all). So to increase the yield a way to ensure that your product will produce is a bonus.

    I would be a bit concerned that without male plants to provide fertilization there won’t be any seeds for future generations produced.

    But of course, your supply can provide all the necessary seeds for the next generation.

    • Karl Hosch

      Growing your own is definitely the way to go. There’s no better feeling than cultivating your own cannabis plants, it’s rewarding in more ways than one. As far as producing seeds for the future it can be done with female only plants. You have to let the female plant grow past its harvest time and in desperation the female plant will fertilize its self which is one way to get feminized seeds. By having only female genes going into the seed, it is very likely to be feminized. I have not had a plant yet that has been male. So the process works well. If you have any questions, come on back, I’m here to help! 

  2. Andrew

    Hi there. Great article on feminized seeds, I really appreciate the amount of info on this site.

    I started growing my own plants a couple of years ago and I really enjoy the entire process. When I first started out I didn’t use feminized seeds and so quickly learned that mixing males and females was a bad idea.

    I was wondering if you could advise me a little. I grow my plats in an outdoor greenhouse but I have limited space. I used a strain called Lowrider 2 when I first started, which was just about the right size for me. Are there any other plants that you can recommend. I prefer a plant that doesn’t grow much over 50cm and auto-flowering is preferable too.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Karl Hosch

      If you want a smaller compact strain that packs a punch I would suggest feminized White Widow. It has up to 25% THC and 1% CBD. It also depends on what effects you are after because each strain varies. Sativa provides energy and clarity of mind and Indica is more of a body high that is somewhat sedating. Either way, check out the strains that I’ve got. I’m positive I have something for you! Good luck with your grow!

  3. Brendon

    I never knew there was a difference from a male plant to a female, as far as one being better than the other.
    How does a male plant affect your grow? Is the female plant the only one that buds?
    Also what are they legalities of ordering and receiving these seeds through the mail?

    • Karl Hosch

      The female plants are desirable because they produce THC and CBD in their buds during flowering. The males are considered undesirable because they don’t produce much THC at all and if a male plant fertilizes a female plant, her energy and resources go towards seed production instead of producing THC which seriously impacts your yield of consumable buds. Normally the female plant is the only one to bud but there is a chance of hermaphrodite plants growing both buds and seeds and these would be considered undesirable as well. 

      The legalities of ordering seeds through the mail depend on your states or countries laws. The packaging is called ‘stealth’ because the seeds are packaged in a way that guarantees they will be received. To date, every order we have sent has been received without any problems. We guarantee you will receive your order no matter what. Thank you for your comment and stopping by!

  4. Paul

    Great article
    As research and common sense prevail and knowledge of the benefits of this amazing plant come out, we should all have a couple of ‘pot plants’ around the house. Obviously, the female plant is of the greatest value and provides more THC.
    When the world finally wakes up and the decision makers finally acknowledge the benefits, the world will be a better place the option of a natural remedy rather than popping the drug companies pills
    Thanks mate

    • Karl Hosch

      I think the world already knows it is beneficial in so many ways. It’s the governments that are holding out because they think they can profit more if they make it a crime. But they will all legalize it sooner or later, they just have to figure out how to tax it the most. Pharmaceutical companies are powerful and the drugs will always be pushed. It’s the doctors that have to decide what’s really best for their patients. Thanks for your comment and stopping by. Cheers! 

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