Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana – Intermediate Level

600 Watt LED Grow Lights For SaleNow we’re getting serious about our plants by stepping up our game. Its a step in the right direction and youll be much better in the long run. This list contains my recommendations for highly rated 600-watt LED grow lights for indoor marijuana, which are based on my own personal experience using the lights and customer reviews.

These are mostly for intermediate/novice level growers who want more out of their indoor plants. They cover small to medium size grow operations consisting of up to 4 plants. The average grow area coverage or footprint of these lights is 3.5’ square feet at 18” height (Max coverage 4.5’ square feet at 24″ height). The highly rated lights on my list are currently the lowest price available anywhere online.

My # 1 Top Choice

Advanced Platinum Series 600w 12-Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum P600 LED Grow LightFeatures Include 12-Band Full Spectrum, Veg/Bloom Cycle Switches, 3-Watt Diodes, 4 Cooling Fans w/Aluminum Heat Sinks, 5-Year Warranty, 368-Watt Output, PAR at 24" height is 1140 µmol m−2s−1 and its made in the USA.


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My 2 cents: Of all the lights on this list, this grow light for indoor marijuana is what you want. That's because the Advanced Platinum P600's performance matches its price tag. It is the highest PAR output and is the highest powered on the list and it has all the best options with one of the best warranties in the business. The price is justified by its value. I highly recommend this full spectrum light for growing marijuana indoors! My rating 4.9 outta 5.


My # 2 Pick - Power and Value

VIPARSPECTRA 600W 12-Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

600 Watt Viparspectra LED Grow LightFeatures Include 12-Band Full Spectrum, 3 Veg/Bloom Cycle Switches, 5-Watt Diodes, 3 Cooling Fans w/Aluminum Heat Sinks, 3-Year Warranty, 285-Watt Output, with PAR at 24" Height being 680 µmol m−2s−1.


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My 2 cents: This is Viparspectra's second entry into the 600w series of grow lights for indoor marijuana. It doesn't have the daisy chain option but does have veg/bloom switch, better chips, and additional fans for cooling. It is a little larger than the base model which ads to its light footprint and it has the power and proven performance one can expect from Viparspectra. If your planning on growing healthy lush marijuana, this full spectrum light is the one for you. My rating 4.8 outta 5.


My # 3 Pick - Dependability and Value

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

600 Watt Viparspectra LED Grow LightFeatures Include Optimal Spectrum, Veg/Bloom Cycle Switch, Daisy Chain Connection, 5-Watt Diodes, 2 Cooling Fans w/Aluminum Heat Sinks, 3-Year Warranty, and 276-Watt Output, with PAR at 24" Height Being at 530 µmol m−2s−1.


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My 2 cents: Viparspectra has solid grow lights for indoor marijuana at the 600w level, this light being their base model. I like everything about this light, including the daisy chain option which makes a clean overall setup if you're using multiple lights, the veg/bloom switch is very important and the 5-watt chips are a step up from the 3-watt chips. The good things about this light is it's dependable and has good value. It also has the best options available along with a great 2-year warranty so rest assured, you can't lose. My rating 4.7 outta 5.


My # 4 Pick - Competitive and Quality

MEIZHI Reflector-Series 600W 12-Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

600 Watt Meizhi LED Grow LightFeatures Include 12-Band Full Spectrum, Daisy Chain Connection, Veg/Bloom Switches, 5-Watt Diodes, 2 Cooling Fans w/Aluminum Heat Sinks, 1-Year Warranty, and 277-Watt Output, with PAR at 18" height being 1121 µmol m−2s−1.


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My 2 cents: Meizhi grow lights for growing indoor marijuana have always performed well for me at every level and I've tested every one of their models. They have good build quality, they are dependable with performance equal to the higher priced competition. It has all the features one you would expect from veg/bloom switches to 5-watt chips and daisy chain option for a clean setup. Definitely worth taking a look at. My rating 4.6 outta 5.


My # 5 Pick - Proven Results

Galaxyhydro 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

600 Watt Galaxyhydro LED Grow LightFeatures Include Full Spectrum, Daisy Chain Connection, 3-Watt Diodes, 2 Cooling Fans w/Aluminum Heat Sinks, 2-Year Warranty, and 230-Watt Output, with PAR at 24" Height Being 387 µmol m−2s−1.


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My 2 cents: I personally own two of these Galaxyhydro grow lights for indoor marijuana and they work great and have had no problems. They have a solid build, affordable, proven performance, and a good warranty which make this light a worthy investment. They work well when used in pairs with the daisy chain option and offer a large light footprint. Although it has the smaller 3-watt chips, it is still an effective light for growing lush marijuana. My rating 4.5 outta 5.


New Arrival - COB/LED Performance

MaxBloom X6 Plus  LED/COB 12-Band Full Spectrum Grow Light 

MaxBloom X6Features Include 12-Band Full Spectrum, UV/IR, Veg/Bloom Switch, 5-Watt Diodes (95) & 100-Watt COB (2), 2 Cooling Fans w/Aluminum Heat Sinks, 5-Year Warranty, and 300-Watt Output, with PAR at 24" Height Being 985 µmol m−2s−1.


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My 2 cents: I am a big fan of MaxBlooms X6 Plus model because it yields gorgeous results every time. I've used this light for two grows and the yields have exceeded my previous grows by as much as two ounces. Those are huge gains just from the light. I think the combination of COB/LED is what makes this light perform so well. The coverage is great as well reaching 5' x 5' easily. I have nothing but praise for this light and I know it will stand the test of time, grow after grow because its backed by one of the best 5-year warranties in the business. Another good aspect of this light is its price which is very affordable considering the results you will be getting. This light is what you want if you are serious about growing marijuana. My rating 4.9 outta 5.



So it looks like you are pretty serious and are ready for more responsibility, more commitment, and of course more rewards. I don’t blame you one bit. Your first couple grows were so-so but you bounced back like very well and killed the last two with high yields. You now have experience momentum on your side, it’s almost cruz control at this point. You didn’t come here to play games or do more research, right?  so what did you decide on? I know the Advanced Platinum P600 is expensive but if you want the biggest yields, you got to pony up and go big. Any one of those lights will work for you, the hard part is choosing which one. If you are growing for profit or for personal use, any one of these lights will pay for themselves.

You know it’s time to go with bigger grow lights for your indoor marijuana. Don’t be shy, you are in and you know what you are doing. This is just one step forward, so no worries, its all in the name of progress! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. I will answer your questions as quick as I can so don’t hesitate to ask. Be sure to check out my expert and professional list of lights if you plan on going bigger than 600w. Thank you for taking the time to view my recommendations and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


  1. Matt's Mom

    I have a good friend who is tired of his work, and is planning to be a grower. I was kind of surprised of his abrupt change in career, but after discussing it with him, it makes sense, and a lot of money can be made. Would these be good for an operation that is just starting out? I would love to pass this information along to him as we were discussing everything needed to get started. I really didn’t realize that there was so much to it.

    • Karl Hosch

      That is quite common these days. I did the same thing. It’s good money and it’s easy once you get up and running. You can have him visit my site and he can visit my beginner page for an idea of what to get. It’s a good place to start depending on how many plants he wants to start with. If it’s more than a few plants he might try the intermediate lights. I wish him luck on his venture and I thank you for visiting my site. Come back if you have any questions or if you need anything. Thank you! 

  2. Some very interesting reading on your article about LED lights you give some great information on them. I didn’t know there was so many. Be great to have in your home for your house plants. Thanks for the sharing.

    • They work awesome for house plants. I have two, a ficus and a barrel cactus that are growing better than I expected, especially the ficus. Thank you for stopping by, if you ever need anything, feel free to come back and visit. Thanks!

  3. Rhett

    So, I don’t grow marijuana but I am interested in grow LED grow lights for other indoor crops I would like to start growing as a small business with my girlfriend. This really compiled a whole bunch of different lights into one place for me to take a look at. Which ones are your favorite from this list? Maybe ranking them would be helpful!

    • Karl Hosch

      Thank you Rhett. I am going to be making updates to my recommendations soon. I was going to include additional lights in each category as well as my personal ranking. Thanks for the heads up, stop back by soon and you can see it done. And good luck with your business, let me know if you need any help, that’s what I’m here for! 

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